Fighting Racism, Hate, and Bias

RaceNow is the moment for our nation to stamp out racism. Highland Park's schools have been plagued with incidents of racism just as we seen across the country. Anti-semitism and prejudice against members of the LGBTQ community have been on the rise in our district.

The Highland Park School District made educational equity one of its top priorities when 60 stakeholders met in 2015 to develop the strategic plan that is still in effect (click here to be directed to the Pathway to Excellence website). Equity is predicated on the absence prejudice and hate. 

Highland Park's schools have put structures in place such as personnel professional development focused on cultural responsiveness, restorative practices, and statewide leadership in the area of LGBTQ allyship to combat prejudice and hate. The next step in our efforts will focus on explicit anti-bias/anti-hate instruction.

The left navigation panel includes anti-bias/anti-hate resources for our community and will be continually updated.