GLOW Program

The GLOW program (Growth & Learning Outside Walls) is designed to teach students across ability levels to develop the skills necessary to lead a productive and independent life outside the classroom.  Students are instructed in functional and daily living skills alongside their traditional academics skills.  The program teaches students to generalize these skills within the local community during Community Based Instruction (CBI) and within Structured Learning Experiences (SLE).

Our GLOW programs cover multiple schools and age ranges.  Our GLOW Jr. Program services students in grades 6-8.  Our GLOW program services students in grades 9-12 and our GLOW+ program services students ages 18-21.

Our Structured Learning Experiences curriculum, servicing students ages 16 and above, focuses on vocational exploration, internships and employment.  We are proud to work cooperatively with many surrounding businesses and organizations to help our students learn and grow.  If you are a business or organization that may be interested in working with the Highland Park School District and our GLOW students, we would appreciate any opportunity to collaborate with you.  For more information, please contact Hannah Pawlak at [email protected]