Teen Center Services

Counseling Services

There are many challenges confronting today's teens. Teens who can find adults they can trust in and confide in, whether at home, school or elsewhere, have a much better chance of navigating these challenges safely.

Our counselors work with each student to develop personalized goals, positive coping skills and greater self-awareness. Parents area welcome part of the counseling process. Parental permission is the first step, and is required for participation. Additional involvement can occur through telephone contacts, parent meetings and/or family meetings. There is no cost for any of our counseling services.

Counseling services are provided in a variety of formats:

  • Individual - One on one counseling provides a safe setting for young people to sort out difficult feelings and situations in their lives
  • Group - A good group experience can provide a stronger and more meaningful connection with peers. Our groups cover the following topics:
    • Wellness
    • Social skills and peer relations
    • Academic support
    • Stress management
    • Goal setting
  • Family Counseling and Parent Support - Parents often benefit from a chance to talk through the challenges of parenting in parent support meetings. In addition, family meetings can help to establish more effective communication between parents and children.

Please contact Dr. Scott Roth, Supervising Clinical Psychologist for more information (732) 572-2400, Ext. 3021

Health Services

The Health Educator in the Community Teen Center serves as a health resource for students and families in Highland Park. Services provided by the Health Educator include individual and group health education, the TRUST Program, and other health-related activities.

  • Individual health education. The Health Educator is available to counsel students on personal health issues and to help students identify and access needed services in the community, such as medical services, referrals and information.
  • Group health education. The Health Educator provides health education to classes and groups of students about a wide variety of topics such as alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, reproductive health, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, nutrition and many more. The Health Educator also links health professionals in the community with teachers in need of guest speakers for specific topics.
  • The TRUST Program. TRUST, which stands for Teaching, Respecting, Understanding, and Supporting Teens, is a program designed to teach students about reproductive health, relationships, and good decision making. This 8 week program includes the use of "Real Care Babies" (infant simulators) to help students understand how difficult parenting can be and to help them decide to delay parenting until adulthood.

For more information on any of the health services provided by the Community Teen Center, call the Health Educator at (732) 572-2400, ext. 3025

Substance Awareness Services

The purpose of the substance awareness program at the Middle and High School is to provide information, referrals and programs related to the prevention and treatment of substance abuse programs. Besides offering direct consultation and counseling to students, parents and staff, the coordinator has developed and implemented important prevention programs. These include:

  • The Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute (formerly TIGS). Through the generous support of an alumnus of HPHS, a group of high school students attend an intensive 5 day program and return to promote healthy choices and lifestyles in their peers.
  • Every Fifteen Minutes. This powerful program targets juniors and seniors as prom and graduation approach. A simulated car accident shows students the impact of driving under the influence, and a memorial service later the same day drives the message home even further.
  • Project Graduation. Each year, through the fundraising efforts of a group of parents, graduating seniors are brought to an all-night event. In recent years, the seniors have taken a cruise in New York Harbor. This event keeps seniors away from dangerous drinking and driving situations following graduation parties, etc.

For more information on any of the Substance Awareness Services, you can call (732) 572-2400, Ext. 3026

Peer Leadership

The Teen Center sees great leadership potential in many Middle and High school students. We provide many structured leadership opportunities, such as:

  • Best Foot Forward: a program for middle school girls to discuss issues important to them and do fun activities.
  • Safety Ambassadors: a new program sponsored by Robert Wood Johnson to train juniors and seniors about safety topics which they will then teach to students in 1st and 2nd grade.
  • The Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute (TI): a leadership program for high school students who are committed to being drug and alcohol free.
  • TRUST: an eight week program for high school students to discuss love, life and relationships and to “experience” parenting for a weekend.
  • Peer to Peer: a leadership program for 8th grade students who teach their younger peers about the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
  • SAGA: our “straight and gay alliance” meets weekly for students to discuss various topics in a safe space.

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