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Bartle Students Recognized At The March 13, 2017 Board Of Education Meeting
Mrs. Stahl and Mrs. Pecora’s 5th grade class started the “Ripple Project” back in September 2016 as a sort of “Pay it Forward’ movement/ initiative. Since then, the class has partnered and engage a pen pal with a Kindergarten class, in which they created and gave the Kindergarten students magic wands, and reminded the students that the magic of being kind and generous starts with them and not in a Fairy Tale. The class also designed the T-shirts
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At The March 13, 2017 Board of Ed Mtg Demographer Ross Haber Presented To The Board About Projected School Enrollment
At the March 13, 2017 Board of Ed Mtg Demographer Ross Haber presented to the Board about projected enrollment to our schools. Click the following links to view his reports.
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health night
1st Annual Highland Park Health Night
On Tuesday, May 2 from 5pm - 8pm The 1st annual Highland Park Health Night will take place.
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