Highland Park Board of Education Goals 2017-2018

Highland Park Board of Education Goals 2017-2018



The district will ensure that curriculum and instruction supports the “whole” child.


-Social-emotional learning programs, including Morning Meeting and restorative practices

-Revised board policy on discipline to reflect restorative practices

-“Lunch Bunch” and social skills group activities

-Bartle School Social-Emotional Learning Lab

-Parent workshops that provide child development support

-Teen Center social-emotional monthly series for students and a parent workshop series

-Take action on results of research by implementing updated homework protocols 

-Ensure that the push for the acquisition of academic skills in the primary grades does not supersede age appropriate play-based learning

-Provide students and their families/guardians equitable access to instructional resources, including those necessary to successful complete homework assignments


The district will ensure the inclusion and support of students, of all abilities, races, cultures, religions, belief systems, sexual orientations, genders/gender identities, and socio-economic backgrounds.


-Best practices for inclusion of special needs students into the larger school communities and access to general education classrooms

-Provide professional development to help school personnel identify, understand, and effectively respond to diversity in culture, neurology, and disability status

-Provide professional development supporting culturally responsive lesson planning, teaching, and assessment for Grades PK-12, including strategies to promote cultural awareness among students

-Detrack middle school math classes

-Promote mixed-ability classes at the High School level, including possible replacement of honors classes with “honors option” classes and more open access to advanced placement classes


The district will ensure implementation of more consistent and effective differentiated instruction (content, process, and products).


-Provide professional development that is ongoing and embedded in practice for teachers on differentiation of instruction, including effective lesson planning

-Promote instruction and assessment strategies that differentiate instruction for each learner 

-Implement a district-wide assessment program that is authentic, allows for the demonstration of students’ individual strengths, and complements classroom instruction, rather than detracting from classroom instruction